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Desperate to get more social media ‘buzz for your biz’? 

Here are my top 7 tips for increasing your social engagement and traffic for this year!

1. Make Your Content Easy to Share on Social Media

Make it as easy and attractive as humanly possible for viewers to share your content on social media!

Add “Share This” buttons to any video content, podcast, blog post, visual infographic or any other eye-catching content you create socially!

Tip would be to install a plug-in that adds share buttons on every page of your website, especially if you’re using a CMS which supports it.

2. Ensure Your Content Looks AMAZING When Shared on Social!

Have you ever tried to share something on Facebook, only to find that the thumbnail or title was missing? It is so annoying plus this is the point you stopped trying to share it right!?!

As a digital marketer, it’s so key that you take the time to ensure that when someone attempts to share your content, it looks like it’s supposed to!

Mark up the Open Graph tags with a super-clickable headline and an attention-grabbing ‘WOW’ image which fits the proper dimensions of each network. (You can easily google this to find out the info!)

3. Point to Your Social Media Accounts From Your Website!
Having social icons which link out to your various social profiles is an easy way to highlight your social media presence to your website visitors. Make them as prominent on your website as possible so that your website visitors simply cant ignore them!

4. Why not consider installing a Facebook Customer Chatbot?
Are you familiar with those customer chat widgets that pop up on the bottom of a website? You can take them to the next level with a Facebook Messenger website widget.

It functions the same way as a normal website chat, but with an added bonus – every time a customer chats with you, they have to opt-in to Facebook Messenger communications.

That means you can get contact information from them, and follow up with them down the road. Every time someone talks with you via site chat, you’ll automatically gain a new Facebook Messenger contact, and that’s pretty powerful stuff!

Upgrading your old customer chat to a Facebook Messenger customer chatbot is a great opportunity for your business!

5. Add Click-to-Tweets Throughout Your Content
Are you familiar with click-to-tweet? So this is a great little tool that enables you to personalise tweets featuring little snippets from a piece of content, like a key line or a great quote!

When you insert click-to-tweets in your content, it makes it easy for readers to post a cool tweet without thinking about it – you’ve done the work for them. This allows the headline, link, quote ready to go for them – they just have to click and post.

There’s even a click-to-tweet WordPress plug-in which makes it super simple to craft click-to-tweets (though you can also do it without the plug-in, of course). 

6. Enable Comments
It is a good idea to allow comments on your content so that your visitors can interact with you directly from your site. 

The comments section of popular posts can host great discussions – just make sure your comment plug-in or widget has a way to automatically filter spam, so the comments section doesn’t get overwhelmed with too much spam!

7. Why not consider having a Social Login?

In order that your website can go full-on social, then incorporate a social login to increase membership and participation in your website.

Give people benefits for joining your website through their social media accounts – you can make it a necessary step to facilitate commenting, for example, making the action worthwhile. It’s another way to gather extra visitor data, and boost awareness for your business’ social presence.

Taking the extra steps to make sure your content is social media-friendly, worth sharing which are imperative for any modern brand or business. Always keep social traffic in mind, and stay up to date with the latest trends and shifts to maximize your opportunities!

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