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I know, I know. You weren’t *trying* to get caught up in the comparison game… you just stumbled across someone on Instagram who is doing something you’d like to do and gave them a follow.

At first, you were totally in awe of their pretty account! You loved getting their updates and learning from them as their business grew. They became one of your favorite online influencers? But over time, you felt a certain green-eyed monster creep up on you and then you began to wonder, “What does she/he have that I don’t?”

Comparison kills doesn’t it! Perfectly normal emotion …I get it! There’s no need for you to compare yourself to someone else when you are brilliant and inspiring in your own right. Yes?? Besides, Instagram is never a complete picture of someone’s life the majority of us know that don’t we? The influencer you follow may look like she/he has it all together, but she/he may also struggle with some very hard things. Let’s cut each other some slack!

Every year now to remind me of the season I’m in and in order to keep striving for the lives of others at arm’s length I think up a new word I can relate to for the year. Last year was ABUNDANCE and jeepers, was it an abundant year – and by picking this word I learned to have an abundant mindset in the good times, but also the hard challenging headf**k times. Sticking to a commitment to believe in abundance is hard going and I was definitely tested!

But this year, I’m liking the word – RHYTHMIC FLOW – It’s time to get some real routine in my life and rhythms going in my life! I’ve lived life spontaneously and in some ways been flying off the seat of my pants the last few years and my instinct is telling me to go with rhythmic flow. I have been fortunate enough to bump into some fantastic people who are helping me build this rhythmic flow and I am going to keep going with this!

This my friend is how I’m going to run this year. Already the first of the year has been a somewhat crazy time both on a business and personal front and after attending a 2 day course with Dent Global earlier in the year I came away feeling completely inspired and overwhelmed all at the same time ….head where are you I need you back!! My business coach literally had to try to bring me down from the ceiling and since the course I am still getting up in the middle of the night with too many ‘Jerry Maguire’ moments. If you have seen the 1996 classic then you will know exactly what I am talking about (yes I am clearly showing my age!! Ha Ha!) We digress, I know I’m going to look around and see plenty of others in my life and on the gram in particular see they are in a year of growth, or a year of creating great things, learning something new and chasing after something different than I may be right now.

My goal is to celebrate them and even look with admiring eyes. But to love my own story in the same moment. Instead of letting that envious monster dictate my response, I’m going to let these people inspire me even more, to grow in the gift and calling on MY life in my very own unique way and through my own story.

The rhythms of 2019 in the PT world so far have looked like a crazy and chaotic beginning
• After a full throttle Christmas I started 2019 with a low key New Years but nothing brings me more joy than spending time with my wider family!
• I headed to London last week to hang with big inspiring business owners and spend 2 days on a workshop headed up by Dent Global’s founder Daniel Priestly OMG what an astute inspirational figure he is. Too many ‘Jerry Maguire’ moments have followed with processing notes and putting plans in place for 2019/2020!

Let the fun and dreaming commence! And with all this talk of rhythms …
• And on my audible and reading mission (business wise) my nose is well and truly hooked into ‘Oversubscribed’ – Daniel Priestley. 3 hours in the bath later …..
So then, how are you going to take on the last year of this decade? How can you fall more in love with your own life today and the rest of 2019? If there’s a specific word setting the tone for your year, connect with me on socials @infuse7 or send me an email at polly@infuse7.co.uk and share it with me so I can support you!

Let’s keep on the right foot by running hard following our own road map and celebrating others as they run in their own.

If you totally loved this or want to share a few of your favourite things that I just can’t live on without trying, I love feedback and discovering new stuff! Just hit reply or send an email to us over at polly@infuse7.co.uk.
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