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Infuse7 was established in 2017 to help local B2C businesses in the Thames Valley area compete harder online in order to grow, innovate and build their business faster. 
Today we are seeing a number of businesses go into administration and a lot of this is down to strong competition and changing consumer habits.

We are working closely with a variety of interesting clients to help develop their marketing content, event ideas and communications in order to increase lead generation and sales.

Infuse7 was created out of a demand for advice, help and guidance on how to use the online world effectively and where ultimately to build focus in order to talk to target audiences.  We realize there are a huge number of smaller to medium sized companies who offer a great product or service but lack in-house skill and capability in terms of marketing communications to know how to make in roads online.  With all of that in mind Polly set about creating an effective and accessible way to help business owners market to their ideal customers.

We specialize in Automotive | Home Improvements sector | Retail & Showrooms | Professional Services | Education Our approach and focus is bespoke to each sector and aligned to meet their specific needs.

In 2019 we expanded our operations to collaborate with other businesses in the creation and launch of an innovation centre; Lab14; based in the heart of Reading University;  a safe place for businesses to come and explore and innovate. We offer our clients an expertise across the board to include business modelling; websites, re-brands, advertising, events, media print and much more!  Find out more info@lab14.co.uk

About Polly Thatcher: 

Education: BA (Hons) Business Management

Role @ Infuse7:  Marketing Communications

Archetypes:  Jester.  Entertainer.  Fitness Freak

Expertise:  Evaluating digital marketing chaos and translating into simple and structured marketing communication plans

What matters:  Ideas.  Creativity.  Stories.  Variety.  Insights.  Logic.  Optimism.  Fun.  Innovation.

Other Stuff:  Doting Mum of 3 children (4 if you include the husband!)  Frustrated water-sports adventurer.  Coffee snob and Prosecco addict.

Contact:  Socials @Infuse7.  polly@infuse7.co.uk



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