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We all have access to the FREE tools that are available to help with your Google rankings, including Google My Business, Google Analytics and Google’s Search Console (all of these are a definite MUST for any business!). It is imperative that any business understand Google Analytics and set up a free Google Analytics account along with Google’s Search Console. All businesses should take the time to research the relevant keywords and also take time to update your meta data.

SEO can seem overwhelming and complex but there really is much to do and so many arenas to focus on that sometimes you can feel inundated and overwhelmed! The overriding thing that has come to light in the last year is that local search is becoming more imperative. This comes down to investment in time and management of postings through your Google My Business listing, if you haven’t set this listing up – DO IT NOW! This can increase your visibility in Googles local finder, Google Maps, organic search results for people in your area. REMEMBER this is FREE so a total no brainer! Once you have set up your listing – make sure you fully complete all areas to maximise the listing and what this can do for your business.

Completing your Google My Business listing will mean you have valuable basic data that will make it easier for potential customers/clients to find info about your business plus you will be discovered on Google far easier and thus be ranked accordingly.

Regular posting on your Google My Business listing is like regularly posting across your social media platforms and these show up in your Google My Business listing – AWESOME! These postings can be seen on your desktop indefinitely and be seen on your smart phone for at least a week plus if you think about it a real gold mine of information for potential customers and clients. If you are posting regularly across your social platforms you need to include Google My Business as part of your weekly strategy. You can use the postings to show images and video content plus always have a link to drive traffic to your website and URL links to specific blog pages as necessary. Remember Google loves fresh content so by doing this you will keep your listing fresh for Google and viewers – WHOOP WHOOP!

Also there is the functionality of a question and answer feature for local search, people can click on a button in your listing ‘ask a question’ and ask whatever they need to find out about, the key thing is to remember to respond to questions! Also another functionality that is key on your Google My Business listing is reviews, Google encourages this as much as possible and your reviews clearly stand out on your listing and gives potential customers the confidence to pursue your services and ultimately buy from you. The more reviews the better your search rankings and thus the higher the trust to click further.

Google will ultimately give favour to the businesses who are actively promoting themselves thus meaning that the more attention you give to your Google My Business listing the better it will perform for you! If you need help book a discover call with us on 07757593840 or email polly@infuse7.co.uk