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Following the demise of Google+, Google has been looking to add in more social platform type business tools into its search results via its Google My Business listings. As a regular user of GMB for my own business as well as an acting agency for other businesses it is music to our ears that this platform is being upgraded and becoming more ‘social-like’!

Google My Business tools will provide even more options for brands to maximize their exposure through Google search – and even promote their Google presence through physical stickers helping to drive traffic.

Google has added 4 new options for Google My Business listings so that it becomes more ‘social media-like’:

1. There is now a functionality for Welcome offers

One of the key lures of social media business listings is special deals, 63% of consumers follow retail businesses on social specifically to learn about sales.

Catering to this, Google will now enable businesses to offer new rewards to customers who follow their business within Google apps, with new ‘Welcome Offers’. This taps into both the ‘Following’, social media-like aspect, and the lure of offers, providing another way for brands to build their Google presence.

2. Custom URLs

Google will now also enable brands to claim a short name and URL for their business so if you haven’t done this your listing will be incomplete. It is an easy way to get found! Again another ‘social media-like’ move!

3. New visual options

Google’s also adding new options for cover photos and photo displays, with newly uploaded images showing instantly on Google My Business profiles. Again there is a move towards the more ‘social media-like’ presence. 

Businesses will now be able to upload custom logos for their profiles – basically those that have completed their core information (phone number, hours, etc) will have their logo displayed at the top right-hand side of their profile.

4. Stickers and offline promo materials

Google’s also launching a new website where businesses will be able to download and order custom assets for their business – like physical stickers – in order to help promote bookings, prompt reviews and encourage follows for their Google My Business profile. This is definitely a ‘social media-like’ move.

The tools, as noted, add more social platform type elements for Google My Business profiles – and given the dominance of Google search, they’re definitely worth a look. 

These days, people regularly look up information about businesses on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, for different purposes. Google is still the overall leader in online search, there’s no doubt about that, but Google also knows that if it doesn’t act, if it doesn’t step in to stop the rising use of social tools for search queries, it will continue to lose out.

Since the demise of Google+, Google has re-focused its efforts onto the platform where it already leads – search. Rather than trying to build a social alternative, Google has been working to add more social media-like platform business tools directly into its search listings.

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